Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Logan Taylor - 16 Months

Logan turns 16 months old today - and it seems like we have entered full blown toddler-hood and for the most part, I love it! Logan is active, loves playing outdoors in our backyard and even in the rain. He is social and loves to show off when people come over to visit. He is eating everything, his favorites are pizza, Daddy's chicken stew, pretzel bites and lolly-pops! He is wearing size 18-24 months in clothes and still has 7 teeth. This month he learned how to dance which includes some fancy foot work and spinning in circles. He is a ham and loves laughing, including a nice fake laugh when he sees other people laughing. He is a quick study and learns new "tricks" all the time, including showing us the inside of his mouth(see pics). We love taking him new places and watching the world through his eyes. Happy 16 months big guy!

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