Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We took a quick trip to the beach last weekend and had one beautiful day, so we snapped a few pictures feeding the birds and running on the beach!

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's been too long...

Lately, we have been busy with playdates and trying to keep our ever-growing boy busy and stimulated. It's hard. Just saying, keeping him interested isn't as easy as it seems, so we decided it was time for swim lessons. It's a hit! It's all Daddy's, which I think is hilarious and great, while the Mom's get to watch from the side lines sipping coffee. They sing songs, walk the "plank" and of course, lots of splashing and dunking. Logan loves it, he drinks the pool water, throws the toys and jumps in like a champ. So glad he's a water baby, it's clearly genetic!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Logan - 19 Months

In honor of Valentine's Day and Logan turning 19 months old, I thought I would post about his favorite things for this little update! Here goes, in no particular order. Logan currently loves rough housing with Daddy on the floor with what Mo and I have coined gut crunchers. (I do not participate in this kind of play, I leave it solely as a special bonding moment for father and son). He has also really taking a liking to throwing, mostly balls that bounce, but also cat toys - at the cat mind you. He loves Mickey Mouse, stuffed animals, these holiday cards with eyeballs that sing(he makes us replay them 1000 times), baking with Mom - mostly stirring and pouring! He loves to run around in just his diaper and does moves we have never seen before. He loves sitting at the table for dinner, no highchair. He loves to search the sky for airplanes if he hears the sound of them flying over, unfortunately, we moved him to the cloudiest place in the world, but we still look anyways. He loves a lot of things and while sometimes they change we discover new and exciting things in the world, I find that he remembers quite well and will remind us if we ever forget to show him, give him or take him to all his favorite things!

A quick update on everything else, he popped another molar to bring his total to 10 teeth, he is sleeping well and starting to get little random freckles on his body. He is currently at the 95% in height and %75 for weight and is our little adventure seeker! Here is to another great month!

Monday, February 6, 2012


After a month chalk full of stressful life events, I was nothing short of gleeful to see we had a whole week of sunshine in our future! I made it a point to take Logan out for some Vitamin D every day and I know he enjoyed it as much as I did. We hit up our neighborhood part with Daddy which included the slide, checking out the river and pointing to all the airplanes in the sky. He loves to be outside! And yes, I know he needs a haircut, I'm working on it! Happy June-uary!