Monday, August 31, 2015

Brynn Elise - 18 Months

My baby girl is about to be 18 months old....  these past 6 months have been all about teeth, talking and learning to walk.  Brynn is a book worm, reading her favorites on repeat, she loves dogs, cats, and fish at the pet store.  She is talking up a storm, saying Daddy, All Done, More, Thank You, Mommy, Brother, Uh-Oh the occasional "spiderman" and "buns" (guess who taught her those?)  BUT my most favorite part is that my girl is a singer!  She loves, "twinkle, twinkle",  "itsy bitsy spider", ABCs, Happy Birthday and Old MacDonald.... but she will dance to most any song and really enjoys music!  She is soooo close to walking but watching her grow into a toddler has been both challenging and wonderful.  She is independent and sassy when she wants to be but overall a fun-loving gal who is ready to take on this world!  We love you Brynny!