Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Regret...or not to regret...

The fear of starting a new job is sometimes paralyzing. For those who assume the grass is always greener, you have an optimism that I have never understood. I painstakingly pour over every last detail of both my current existence and my proposed upgrade. I heard some great advice recently. Do not make your decision based upon your fear of regret. I realized that many of my decisions heavily weigh on my fear of impulse. As a planner, it is not only my nature but my current job to pinpoint every detail and prepare for it. I micro-manage most processes and the fear of not knowing what I am getting into is literally too overwhelming to comprehend. With that said, I have never gained anything truly life-changing without first risking everything. From moving away for college, departing to foreign lands to marrying the love of my life...the road less traveled is usually always worth it.

So I took the plunge. I chose adventure over routine and freedom of choice over fear of regret.

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