Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming to California...

Because I can't live without my Top 40, I unfortunately must endure a Mylie Cyrus song on occasion. While I don't understand why she is having a Party in the USA, it reminded me of my first few days living in Los Angeles. First impressions are amazing to look back on, how I was awed by the never ending concrete jungle, the explosion of eye candy, and the beautiful Malibu coast that went on for miles. (27 to be exact). Within the first 3 days of living here, I met my husband and my best friend. I couldn't have known it then, but my life changed forever in those moments. I can't imagine my life without either of those two, and though I have days where I wonder why I live in LA and I scheme up ways to leave, I know that I was meant to land here, in this beautiful mess of a place, even if only for a while.

We don't always know or recognize the exact moment that our life has changed forever. Moving to LA was one of mine.

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