Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding the Holiday Spirit

For the last few years, it has been my job to inspire others into the Holiday spirit. And an odd thing has happened in that process, it zapped all my energy for finding my own. Not for lack of trying, but I feel as if I didn't get to experience my own version of the holiday festivities, as I was busy backstage making sure Santa showed up on time and the elves were in place. So this year, I fully intend on lingering in my own version of holiday spirit, this includes:

drinking lots of spiced cider

wearing a scarf on a regular basis,

ice skating,

attending a tree lighting
(or possibly getting my first real married couple tree)

And of course, plenty of Christmas Shopping, am I the only one who likes the mall during the holidays? Christmas music and decorations, lovin it! So here is to my official kick-off, I plan on sharing my many attempts at Holiday Cheer!

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