Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brynn Elise - 9 Months

Brynn Elise turned 9 months old before the holidays, and I need to get caught up here before anymore time passes.  She is sitting, wiggling, talking, eating and clapping with the best of em.  Still no teeth, but I'm sure they are not far off, until then, I will enjoy the heck out of that gummy smile.  She loves playing with toys, mostly her brothers toys that are not for babies.  She loves books and looking in mirrors.  Her first word is "Hi" and she says it to everything, including the cat.  She is happiest in your arms, snooping on all the fun things going on.  She still thinks her brother is fantastic and funny, hopefully that lasts for a long time. Brynny, we love you to the moon and back.  Try not to grow up so fast please. 

I also put in some pics of Logan at 9 months, because I love the comparison.  I think its safe to say they are siblings, that round and expressive face.  Killing me with the cuteness.


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