Thursday, December 18, 2014

Brynn Elise - 8 Months

So I'm a lot late to this update, but I really do want to remember every little thing this sweet little girly does, so I'm going to play catch up and get all these pics updated.  8 Months was great for Brynn, really sitting like a champ and all smiles for everyone.  She still loves eating, her favorite dishes have corn or pineapple in them, also beans!  She remains a great sleeper, preferring her crib and a dark room, but even if you push her to stay awake, chances are she will give you a pretty good mood.  She is really getting into toys and exploring her world, which is so much fun.  Some fuzzy hair is starting to grow and I can't quite tell, but her eyes are staying in this blue/gray/green state of limbo.  What a joy she is, a pretty predictable and lovable gal, I'm still not sure how 8 months have gone by so fast.

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