Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Thoughts on Co-Sleeping

I don't have any new pics to share, turns out that buying a new house totally consumes what was left of my free time and thus, no fun or new pics to share. But I have a few oldies that I will stick in for fun. I felt like these last few weeks we have turned the corner in the sleep dept. and therefore, I can finally share my feelings on co-sleeping. There is a book titled, I was a great mother before I had kids, and let me tell you, there are many days I think of that and find my self both agreeing and laughing. Mo and I certainly never set out to be a co-sleeping family, in fact, I would say that we were totally against it. Then Logan arrived and he had different plans. With bleary eyes and the unease of being new parents, we took his total comfort to heart and watched as he fell right asleep next to us. It seemed he hated his crib, he hated being alone, and what was I really going to do about that. In the middle of a move and the chaos that goes with it, we decided to go with the flow. Who knew that flow would last 6 months? And then, we cried it out. Well I also cried it out, how horrible was that? So from age 6 months+ we were only c0-sleeping half the night and now at 12 months+, we turned the corner to no co-sleeping. Bittersweet in a way, it is so nice to have my bed back, but as the mommy of a little boy, the only cuddle time I really get these days is during sleepy times. To watch my sweet little baby rest so peacefully was a gift that everyone told me I didn't want! Truthfully, waking up to that face was such a joy and I will never forget it. It's a very short time that your little ones are little, I really didn't realize that until now, and I am glad that I had that experience. I am no longer for or against co-sleeping, I believe that every family makes choices that work for them and it worked for us.

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