Monday, March 14, 2016

My baby is 2...

This past week, Brynn turned 2.... it sometimes feels like she's been here forever, or maybe that's the tantrums talking.  Anyways, we welcomed 2 in with a Peppa Pig party, and hopefully we can just skip past the terrible part and get right to the wonderful freedom of having our littlest get more and more independent.  No more pacifiers, bottles or baby gear, my girl sits with us at the table, likes big girl toys and has opinions about her outfits, yikes!  She talks, nonstop, and tries her hardest to keep up with her older brother.  She is more opinionated and strong willed, but the sweetest of sweet when she wants to be.  She loves her family and her friends, and she loves the cats and buddy the dog, what more do you need?  Happy Birthday little Brynny-Boo, we love you!


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