Monday, September 15, 2014

Brynn Elise - 6 Months

Brynn turned 6 months old last week, I can't believe we are half a year in.  This month we started the wonderful journey of eating solids and our girl is a fan. Apples, Pears, Squash, Peas, Spinach and more, she hasn't met one she didn't like yet.  Along with eating is moving, moving, moving.  Mostly rolling and kicking trying to figure out how to move, I think crawling could be closer than we think.  She loves to grab her feet and uses them as chew toys.  She has also turned into a social butterfly, loving being outside watching all the big kids play.  She will kick her feet and wiggle her arms with excitement.  She babbles and talks to anyone, but still loves her big brother the most.  He can make her giggle like no one else, and I hope it stays that way! 

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