Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brynn Elise - 1 Month

Here I am - back to monthly updates! Brynn turned 1 month old today and it could possibly be the fastest month of my life.  She is already out of newborn clothes and diapers and onto 3 month stuff.  She is more alert these past few days and really looking around at people.  She loves to be in the baby carriers and has started putting herself on a little schedule.  She loves to cuddle and she is a lot less wiggly than her brother, but she will give it to you if you try and stretch time between meals.  It is so great having a little baby again, even though I forgot than you get absolutely nothing done and everything has to be done with 1 hand.  Logan has been great, he just loves her and is really proving to be a great helper!  I can't wait to see this little lady learn to smile - my goal is to catch it with my camera! What a great feeling to finally have her here and enjoy this short time in our lives.  

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