Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Baby is TWO!

This is my one week old baby - back when I had no idea what I was in for.  I can barely remember those fuzzy first few weeks of warm California nights, late night feedings and moving boxes.  Two years have passed and here we are with a little boy who absolutely fills our world with all the love and craziness we could have ever wanted. 

At 2 years old, here are a few of Logan's favorite things:
Trucks, tractors, motorcycles, airplanes and cars.
Pizza, anything with rice, graham crackers and chocolate milk.
Playing at the Park, Swimming, throwing rocks.

And after 2 years into Motherhood, here is what I know:

It can be hard and wonderful at the same time.
Trial and error is the only way to learn
I don't just love Logan, I like him too - and having him around as an everyday
sidekick can be really entertaining!
I will sleep again, one day!
I love him more than I ever thought was possible!

A lot has changed in just 2 short years!

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