Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Logan - 20 Months

Can it be? In 4 months, I will have a two year old? Time does fly when it feels like yesterday that we moved our tiny 6 week old baby 1000 miles away. And here we are.... I would say that we are feeling settled this month, knock on wood, Logan is doing great - sleeping, eating, learning and continuing to develop his personality. He is so funny and makes us laugh with his facial expressions, his use of the word "no" and his desire to be a big boy. He loves to imitate Mo and is trying out lots of new words. I'm pretty sure he popped a few more molars, not sure what the total count is. He has taken to reading books this month and can't get enough. This month he had his first hair cut, completed his first round of swimming lessons, and got to visit Aunt Sara's horse for the first time. We are having so much fun, now if only the sun would come out again, we could go outside and play!!!

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