Saturday, October 15, 2011

Logan - 15 Months

Right on time this month -and what a fun month we have had! Logan popped another tooth, on the bottom - that brings the total count to 7 - and I'm sure there are 3 more waiting in the wings. We have had lots of activities this month including a trip the beach, a visit from Nana, his 3rd visit to the Zoo, a Pep Volleyball game and trying out some of the new INDOOR playgrounds. Logan loves the slides, loves to rough house and even throw the occasional tantrum, especially when we are leaving the park. He continues to eat anything and everything we eat and well, there is not much this boy doesn't like. He is now running, climbing and throwing like a champ - and while he will use the left on occasion, I think he is a righty! This is a great age for all kinds of new fun, he will usually jump right in and it makes for lots of funny moments! We love you toot!

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