Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Logan - 14.5 Months

I have clearly missed the 14 month deadline, so we are going to just go with 14.5. This month Logan officially took on walking, all the time. He can successfully break into any drawer, open almost all baby gates and other baby-proofing devices, and he would rather play with kitchen utensils than toys.

He has really caught on to talking as well - he will repeat Mommy, Daddy, Baby and "ahh-goo" which stands for ah-choo. He still has 6 teeth but I have a feeling this month we will meet a few more. He learned how to snap his fingers (a miracle) and he points at everything. He is still a great eater and we continue to make sleeping progress! Below are just a few snap shots of our little man this month! Next month, I will try to be on time!

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