Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 Months Old!

I was right - this month was huge for Logan! He not only became mobile - but he sprouted those ever looming two bottom teeth! We will start with crawling, he had been on hands and knees for a while rocking back and forth and twisting to sitting positions....and then...we were at the beach house and he just crawled towards the fireplace! And since that moment, we haven't been able to slow him down. We are officially in the middle of baby-proofing the house. He can pull himself to standing using almost any piece of furniture and prefers standing to any other position! He is very proud of himself and has begun a new version of smiling where he sticks his whole face out and shows you his new teeth! I can say this is by far the best age - he is so much fun and although it means I am a little more on my toes, I love my newly mobile baby - he can entertain himself for quite a while with his toys and getting into new adventures. He is eating everything we give him including his Dad's favorite Mango and even split pea stew! Next is more finger food which I am sure he will conquer with no problem. Sleeping continues to be our work in progress, he just wants to practice all his new skills even at 5am, but who can blame him, it's very exciting stuff! I can't believe only 3 more months until he is one, my baby is turning into a little boy slowly but surely and it's so fun to see what he does next!

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