Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Old House....

This old house is more like this wee 1200 square foot LA condo, but still, it means the same to me. I might as well have lived a lifetime here, for this house holds many life moments that I will never forget. I got engaged and married in this house, brought home my first baby in this house and not to mention learned more about home improvement than ever before in this house. This house is a home. From yellow walls to my new favorite griege, I have learned that a home is more than just new kitchen cabinets and travertine bathrooms, a home is only a home because of the people who share it with you. And because my people are coming with me, my home and memories will travel as well. So as I pack my bags and sort through my junk drawer, I can't help but be sad to leave this place. No more frogs singing me to sleep, no more tennis balls flying into my car, no more Sagebrush Cantina cover bands late at night.... I will miss you little house, and I can only hope that the next family that lands here loves you just as much.

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