Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For This Body

I really didn't get to write my thankful post last weekend, partly because I was too busy stuffing my face and watching New Moon and partly because I really wanted to think it over. Like so many, my family is at the top of my list, followed closely by my health and of course, my fur babies. However, I wanted to write on the topic of having gratitude for my body. Kind of strange, but I was watching Oprah (not a common thing) during her "I have gained all the weight back" episode and she said something that stuck. She said, I am grateful for this body, the one that has carried me to this place. The one that didn't give out or give up, but has delivered when I really needed it. Being in a place of insecurity can often bring about realizations in us that we typically take for granted. So I wanted to take this time to reflect on how I got here and why I am so lucky that I get the opportunity to count my blessings.

So I will say thank you to my body for surviving jet lag on multiple occasions, for sleeping on sleepless nights, for being able to still dance until 2am, for making space in my brain when I think I cannot possibly learn one more thing, for not totally killing me when I rock an outfit with 4 inch heels, for never overreacting to a double shot of caffeine, for craving sweets all the time so I am forced to eat them, for always being cold enough to cuddle, for being just short enough that I don't have to buy tall jeans, for being coordinated enough to learn how to play sports, for never getting the flu despite my blatant opposition to the flu shot, and for always reminding me to slow down just when I need it. My body is the only one I will ever have, so it is my intention to be grateful and despite my daily abuse, it still performs for me everyday.

So body, this weekend, I'm going to get you a massage.

Thanksgiving Day

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