Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Leash on Life

I had to share about this amazing non-profit that I am now involved with. I can't tell you how many organizations have great intentions with none of the follow through, well, not this one. I am so impressed with every meeting, every program and every opportunity I have to work with these amazing people. New Leash on Life is an amazing group of people who set out to education people and save animals all across Los Angeles. As a new member of the Lend A Paw, animal therapy program, we visit schools, hospitals, retirement communities, etc with trained animals that bring inspiration and healing with them wherever they go. I believe in this organization so much that I have made the commitment to donate 5% of my first commission to them so they may keep doing what they are doing. Those of you who may be looking for dogs to adopt or just a good cause, check out their website here and get involved! Below is a photo of Gabi, the dog I use for my therapy visits, I believe she is high-fiving the camera!

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